The General Rules

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    The General Rules

    Post by 2011mjh on Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:37 pm

    The Rules of The Network

    1. Racism, Sexism, or any other discrimination based on a personal attribute of a member is strictly prohibited.
    2. Spamming is not tolerated. Spammers will be warned once, and then there will either be a suspension or ban.
    3. Moderators/Administrators will not abuse their power by commanding others to do something.
    4. Angry/Violent posts will not be tolerated and most likely will be deleted.
    5. Normal Members (non-mods or admins) can't post in all bold. That is reserved for updates by mods and admins.
    6. Respect the admins and moderators, because they work hard at what they do.
    7. Respect the rules of Forumotion- see rules here.
    8. If the graphic request is not what you wanted, be patient.
    9. You must post in the appropriate forums...(i.e. post video in the Music/Videos Forum).
    10. Respect the other members.
    11. Swearing is allowed, but if there is repetitive swearing against a member or not, it will not be allowed.
    12. No asking to be a staff member the first day that you register, because you will be denied. Our staff needs to be close friends with eachother and 2011mjh, because we don't want imposters on this site.

    *These are very simple rules to follow, and they are all for the common good. Our main goal here at TheNetwork is to create a safe, active, fun, relaxed forum for our members. If any of the rules are broken, the Forum Administration will talk about a disciplinary action, then whatever they decide is what the offending member will get.

    **As long as these simple rules are respected, then you will be treated nicely.

    Thank you for reading.

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