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    Affiliate Button Code

    Post by 2011mjh on Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:31 pm

    Hi guests, and thanks for reading.

    If you want to be affiliates with us, then you first have to talk to 2011mjh. You can contact him by e-mail:

    Or, you can message him on the Forum of the Forums (Forumotion main forum). PM: ifzombie.

    Or, you can simply ask to be affiliates here. All you need to do is state your name, forum name, number of members, forum address, and leave a code of your affiliate button. After you've done this, please copy and paste the code of our affiliate button and post it on your site wherever you put your affiliates.

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    When we become affiliates, if you could encourage your members to register here, that would be great Very Happy we're always looking for new members, and new affilates. So thanks for reading, and i hope that this has helped you.


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