Reporting Website Problems

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    Reporting Website Problems

    Post by 2011mjh on Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:42 pm

    This is the topic that you should report any website problems/bugs that you may be experiencing so that the admins can either fix the problem or report the problem to a Forumotion Technician. I'd really appreciate it if you report bugs as SOON as you see one or experience one.

    This will really help out all of the members of the site, and we can get the forum back to normal sooner, and easier if everyone posts a problem that they are having here.

    Next, if Forumotion is undergoing maintanance (which they do very often), then i will also let you know what they are maintaining, and what will be happening to the site, so if i post a Forumotion Update, then please don't report a bug that is related to that.
    For Example: Let's say that forumotion is fixing the chatbox problems, and i post about the update in this forum but our chatbox and portal are disabled for a few hours....Please don't come to this forum and say "OUR CHATBOX IS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!", because we will know about that.

    Finally, when we have a problem reported, i will immediately go on forumotion's main forum to see if other forums are having the same problem. Most likely, there are 10-15 people who say that their forums are having the exact same problem. Don't worry, because problems with forums are usually a result of the basic Forumotion CSS modification from the admins, mods, and tech's that work with Forumotion. I will be sure to let everyone know if our problem is being experienced by others, and in that case we should just wait it out and deal with it.

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