What is this forum For?

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    What is this forum For?

    Post by 2011mjh on Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:50 am

    This forum is for reporting any bugs or problems that you might be experiencing on the forum. All that you need to do is report the problem here, and our staff will fix the problem as soon as possible. One of our goals here is to provide a bug-free forum, so don't hesitate to tell us the first time that you notice one so we can fix the problem.

    Also, if you're having a problem with a specific member, then let us know here too. You'll have to tell us why of course, and then if the problem is serious enough, you can take the member to court. That's one reason why we have the courtroom. But yeah, thanks for reading, and remember to use this forum if you want to. It's always open, and we WILL get on the problems right away.


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